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ACTUAL PROJECT CALLS - btopkaya - 03-06-2018

Dear colleagues,

Herewith I want to open the “Exceed-Swindon water forum” for discussions, comments and contributions.
The main theme is the announcement of two actual Project Calls related to water management. As you can see from the info below the topics of the Calls match very well with the topics of Swindon Network.
There are pros and conts of these calls.
Short info about these two Project Calls are given below. Especially the PRIMA Call seems to be suitable for all MENA-Swindon countries.
The Deadline for submitting of a short proposal is End of March-Mid April.
Interested colleagues can contact potential partners using this forum.
I wish us all  TOI, TOI, TOI (in German)
Kind regards
Bülent Topkaya
1.       WATER JPI 2018 JOINT CALL Closing the Water Cycle Gap - Sustainable Management of Water Resources
Main themes:
Enabling Sustainable Management of Water Resources;  
Strengthening Socio-economic Approaches to Water Management; and  
Supporting Tools for Sustainable Integrative Management of water Resources.
The themes match very well with the aims of Exceed-Swindon.
Main handicap is the limitation of the participating countries: From Swindon Network can only Egypt and Tunisia apply. Two EU member states are necessary (Germany not included)
For details: http://www.waterjpi.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=648&Itemid=1111
All Swindon-MENA countries are eligible.
Section 1 Topics

1.       RIA Call – Topic 1: Water reuse and water desalination for agricultural and food production.
2.       RIA Call – Topic 2: Improving the sustainability of Mediterranean agro-ecosystems
3.       IA Call – Topic 3: Implementing innovation in Mediterranean Agro-food chains by smallholders and SMEs
Two-stage application procedure:
Stage 1 – Call Publication and opening: 08-Feb-18
Submission deadline Stage 1: 17-Apr-18
Evaluation Results Stage 1 will be available by 15-Jun-18
Stage 2
Submission Deadline Stage 2: 15-Sep-2018
Evaluation Results Stage 2 will be available 05-Dec-18
Section 2 Topics
Topic 2.1.1: Water resources availability and quality within catchments and aquifers
Topic 2.1.2: Sustainable, integrated water management
Topic 2.1.3: Irrigation technologies and practices
Topic 2.2.1: Adaptation of agriculture to climate change
Topic 2.2.2: Preventing emergence of animal and plant diseases
Topic 2.2.3: Developing farming systems able to generate income, to create employment and to contribute to a balanced territorial development
Topic 2.3.1 Valorising food products from traditional Mediterranean diet
Topic 2.3.2: Food Safety in local food chains
Topic 2.3.3 Implications of dietary shifts and sustainable diets for the Med populations and food industry
Provisional Timeline for the Call on Section 2
Two-stage application procedure:
Stage 1 – Call Publication and opening: 08-Feb-18
Submission deadline Stage 1: 27-Mar-2018
Evaluation Results Stage 1 will be available by 6-Jun-18
Stage 2
Submission Deadline Stage 2: 04-Sep-2018
Evaluation Results Stage 2: 05-Dec-2018
Type of grant: Research & Innovation Action (RIA)

RE: ACTUAL PROJECT CALLS - ethemkaradirek - 03-10-2018

Thank you.